Any specific requests not available will be automatically substituted.

Assorted Dozen to include 6 assorted Glazed/Iced donuts and 6 Topped donuts. 

Glazed/Iced: Regular Glazed, Chocolate, Caramel, Strawberry, Blueberry Cake, Old Fashioned Cake

Topped: Sprinkles, Oreo, M&M, Reese, Coconut, Red Velvet Cake, Triple Chocolate

Assorted Dozen Glazed/Iced and Topped

  • At different times of the day, we may not have every flavor on our menu available, especially overnight.  We continue to decorate flavors as we go throughout the day and evening, but cannot guarantee all flavors every hour of every day.  If more than two of your requested flavors are out, we will try to contact you before substituting.  To better ensure we have the flavors you'd like, place your order by 6PM the day before.  Thank you for your understanding.