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Join our Team!


Dear Applicant:

Thank you for taking the time to consider joining our team at The Heavenly Donut Company. Since opening in January 2013 we have strived to serve a great tasting product while being an encouragement to those around us: to each other, our customers, our community, and our vendors. We have been blessed with great mentors, an exceptional team, and raving customers. Because of these blessings we have continued to grow and never want to take for granted that the favorable reputation we have achieved thus far can quickly change if we become lazy or forget our purpose. We must realize that what we do impacts not only our reputation as a company, but also the reputation of our customers who choose us instead of a competitor.

In order to be successful, every member of our team must work hard, be efficient, and be productive at all times. We must keep a positive attitude and strive for open communication with each other that is both honest and kind. Kindness without honesty is unfruitful; and honesty without kindness is unnecessarily harsh. We want to build one another up while holding each other accountable to the high standards that have gotten us where we are today.

As a potential member of our team here at The Heavenly Donut Company, we believe it is important for you to understand who we are and whether you would enjoy working with us. If you believe you would like to join us, please complete the attached application and return it at your convenience. If you don’t believe this is the team for you, we wish you the best in your job search.



Brock and Kimberly Beiersdoerfer


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