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Our Menu


$2.00 off a dozen/$1.00 off 1/2 dozen 

Regular Glazed $1.20

Our light and fresh regular glazed donut

Other Glazed/Iced Donuts $1.30

Chocolate Glazed, Caramel Glazed, Strawberry Iced, Maple Iced, Blueberry Cake, Sour Cream Old Fashioned, Chocolate Covered

Sour Cream

Topped Donuts  $1.50

Sprinkles (Chocolate or Vanilla Iced), M&Ms, Reese’s Cup, Oreo, Coconut, Triple Chocolate, Red Velvet, Apple Crisp &

Pumpkin Spice (Sept-Nov)

Premium Donuts $2.00

Maple Bacon, French Toast, Bismarks (White Cream*, Custard*, Raspberry*)
*Available with glaze or chocolate glaze

Donut of the Day

Coffee Iced $1.30 (Tuesday), Key Lime $2.00 (Wednesday),

Cookie Butter $2.00 (Thursday), Nutella $2.00 (Friday)

Beignets  $5.49/4  $14.99/dz

A little taste of New Orleans right here in Birmingham. 

*Served on Saturday from 7:00AM-Noon 


*Served daily from 6:00AM-10:30AM 

Andouille, Jalapeno & Cheddar, or Green Onion

Apple Fritters $3.65

Cinnamon Twists $3.00

Cinnamon Rolls $3.65

Donut Holes (Glazed or Cinnamon Sugar) $3.35










*Store Location cash prices. Call for Donut Truck prices*

Soft Serve Ice Cream 


Vanilla Ice Cream                    $3.49 (10oz)     $4.99 (16oz)

     add topping/sauce             $.50                   $.75

     add donut                           $.75                   $1.00

Donut Sundae                                                    $5.99

donut, topping, sauce, whip, cherry

Fritter Sundae                                                    $7.49

½ apple fritter, topping, sauce, whip, cherry

Heavenly Halo                                                    $6.75

16oz ice cream, topping blended in, donut on top,

whip, cherry

Affogato                                   $3.99 (10oz)     $5.99 (16oz)

vanilla ice cream and espresso


Fountain Drinks  $2.35

Bottle Water $1.25

1/2 Pint Milk $1.50

Pint Milk $2.75

Juice (Apple/OJ) $2.75

O'Henry's Coffee (16oz) $2.99

Cold Brew (20oz)     $5.00

Specialty Drinks

Double Espresso $2.99

Americano $3.25

Cafe Au Lait $3.99

Latte* $5.59

Cappuccino* $5.59

Frappes $6.25

Hot Cocoa $4.45   Kids Cocoa $3.5

Apple Cider $3.75

Chai Latte $5.65

*Add Syrup/Whip $.65

Extra shot $1.00

Specialty Espresso Drinks


White Chocolate Mocha

Peppermint Mocha

Turtle Deluxe

Caramel Macchiato

Butterbeer Frappe




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